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R&D Magic Box Carplay Converts Wired to Wireless for iPhone Devices

R&D Magic Box Carplay Converts Wired to Wireless for iPhone Devices

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New Upgrade Wireless CarPlay Dongle Magic Box 📱

🔌 Easily Convert Wired CarPlay to Wireless! Enjoy a Seamless Driving Experience! 🌟

Upgrade your car's entertainment system effortlessly with our wireless CarPlay adapter! This dongle ensures a smarter, safer, and completely wireless driving experience. Just plug and play for most car models—covering around 98% of vehicles with original wired CarPlay.


📱Exclusive iPhone Compatibility

🤔 Not sure about compatibility? Contact us for assistance!

🔗 Wired to Wireless Convenience Say goodbye to tangled cables! Our adapter seamlessly turns your wired CarPlay into a wireless system using Bluetooth and Wifi. Protect your phone from wear and tear caused by frequent plugging and unplugging of charging cables. Keep your phone in your pocket and drive hassle-free!

🛠️ Setup in Seconds, Plug and Play

1️⃣ Plug the A3363 adapter into your car's CarPlay-enabled USB port using the provided cable.

2️⃣ Activate WiFi and establish Bluetooth pairing (required only for the first setup).

3️⃣ Access and use your favorite apps instantly!

🔄 Automatic Connection After the initial setup, the A3363 CarPlay wireless adapter remembers your phone and automatically activates the CarPlay wireless connection every time you start the car. Just hop in and enjoy CarPlay functions effortlessly!

📱 Enjoy Full CarPlay Functions Access all CarPlay features wirelessly—make calls, navigate, and enjoy music without any wired connections. Retain control with steering wheel functions, OEM knobs, and touchscreen capabilities!

🗺️ GPS Positioning Navigation Experience online navigation and real-time road conditions on your car stereo's big screen. Enjoy accurate and stable positioning for a smoother driving experience!

🎵 Wireless Music, Happy Driving No more compromise on sound quality! Built-in CarPlay ensures high-quality wireless music streaming without affecting voice-activated navigation or audio channels.

🎙️ Road-Safe Voice Control Utilize Siri or Google Assistant to control navigation, adjust volume, and answer calls—all without touching your phone. Drive safely without worrying about forgetting your phone when leaving the car!


  • 1* CarPlay wireless adapter
  • 1* A to C cable
  • 1* C to C cable
  • 1* Instruction manual

Upgrade your driving experience today with our hassle-free wireless CarPlay adapter! 🚀🔊