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R&D Kids Tablet, 7 inch Android Tablet for Kids 2GB Ram 32GB Storage

R&D Kids Tablet, 7 inch Android Tablet for Kids 2GB Ram 32GB Storage

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Vibrant Display: Immerse your child in a 7-inch display that brings educational content to life with vivid colors and crisp clarity.

Optimized Performance: With 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, the Tablet ensures smooth performance and ample space for educational apps, games, and more.

Safety First: The tablet is equipped with a safety eye protection screen, prioritizing your child's well-being during extended usage.

Connectivity: Stay connected with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing seamless access to educational content and interactive learning experiences.

Dual-Camera Delight: Encourage creativity with dual cameras that enable your little ones to capture the world around them and engage in video calls with friends and family.

Educational & Entertaining: Dive into a world of educational apps and entertaining content curated for young learners, striking the perfect balance between fun and knowledge.

Parental Control: Take charge of your child's digital experience with the parental control option, allowing you to monitor and manage usage for a secure online environment.

Durable Design: The Tablet comes with a silicone case in vibrant blue or pink, ensuring durability and providing a playful touch to the device.

App Store Access: Explore a wide range of educational apps through the app store, tailoring the tablet's content to suit your child's individual learning needs.